Since 1979 we are specialized in designing, making and technically supporting to the machines in the field of paper processing and printing.

Our strong points.

Versatility: we can create together with the customer the ideal solution to meet the needs of production and market.

Quality: always at the top, because our goal is to create machines that ensure a stability of production that lasts over time. For this we use the highest quality components and we work with suppliers who over the years have proven to be highly reliable.

Design: the basis of all our machines is a thorough study and we calculate the moments of load, inertia and stress in order to install oversized components rather than normal workloads to obtain and guarantee a long life.

Technical support: only our excellent technical assistance will guarantee you a high and constant productivity. Our teleservice assistance can identify and solve promptly the problem, minimizing the downtime.

Long years of experience have taught us that our customers are not looking for expensive toys but, instead, high quality reliable equipment that allow to produce what the current and future market needs at cost effectively.

It is because of this that over the years we have worked with operators of this field that, thanks to their help, have allowed us to make machines that can satisfy your needs.


Our plotters worldwide.

We are established throughout Europe with over 150 plotters. We are also proud of our recent installations in the US, Australia, Russia, Canada and Puerto Rico.