Is your gluing department lagging behind? F Service Automation's plotters are your solution.

Gluing and packaging are the last part of the production process in cardboard Pos Pop display and box factories. It is demanding because it suffers the delays of: work planning, prototyping, printing, Die-cutting or plotter cutting.

When the floor/counter display, FSDUs, the pallet displays, the counter display units or the crash lock box arrive to the gluing department, more often than not they have already accumulated several hours – even days- of delay towards the delivery of the product to the customer.

How can you solve this nasty problem? Easy! Choose F Service Automation’s plotters!

The plotters, Phoenix and Colibrì, deposit hot/cold glue automatically. This means the operator has the only task of assembling or closing the parts after the glue has already been deposited. This absolutely halves the gluing times and – in many cases – improves production by 300-400%.

Reducing delivery times will be easy! You will significantly increase the quality of gluing, thanks to the ease of programming and by setting up the plotter to the fastest gluing speed.

You will ensure that your display unit, window displays, and boxes will be perfectly glued from the first piece to the last one.

F Service Automation Srl are leaders in the gluing plotters field!

Choosing our gluing plotters will make your company more competitive, it will improve the quality of your products and will guarantee an offer in line with the market.


Our plotters worldwide.

We are established throughout Europe with over 150 plotters. We are also proud of our recent installations in the US, Australia, Russia, Canada and Puerto Rico.