Is your glue not sticking to the cardboard?

Clients who are not yet using F Service Automation’s Phoenix and Colibrì gluing plotters experience many problems. One of the main ones is the hotmelt glue not sticking to the cardboard.

Quite often, when glue does not stick to the cardboard, we blame the glue itself.

This could not be further from the truth!

Hotmelt glue has open times and setting times which must be followed.

What is the hot melt glue open time? It is simply the number of seconds we have available before the glue “dries” or “cools”, thus losing its adhesive qualities.

Why does this happen?

While using manual glue guns, we are faced with multiple possible scenarios: for example, we might have to use manual guns that cannot guarantee a constant melting temperature; we could also have a problem if the operator cannot guarantee perfectly equal gluing timings for all the parts; in certain cases, a manual gun might not be able to deliver an identical amount of glue on each piece of work.

For all these reasons, we might get pieces that separate, pieces that cannot sustain the weight applied to them and pieces glued in an approximate way.

How can you solve this nasty problem?
With F Service Automation’s gluing plotter!

Only our plotters can guarantee:

  • a constant hot melt melting temperature for the whole production process;
  • the same glue delivery time from the first piece to the last one, thanks to automatic gluing;
  • a constant amount of glue from the first piece to the last one.

All these aspects paired with the speed of our plotters, the fastest on the market, guarantee that glue is delivered in the least amount of time possible. You also achieve a higher hotmelt glue open time.

“F Service Automation’s gluing plotters will guarantee your company gets perfect gluing from the first piece to the last one.”

Say goodbye to imprecise jobs or event contested ones, choose F Service Automation!


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