The fastest gluing plotter on the market.
Developed specifically for gluing floor/counter displays, Totems, Pall Boxes, Crowners and much more.

Technical features:

  • work area: 2700 x 1750 mm;
  • gluing speed: 2 mt/s;
  • 3 brushless motors in electric axis;
  • XY axes for high performance;
  • set up via tablet with F Service App;
  • 4 work stations;
  • steel plotter structure;
  • Industry 4.0 remote assistance;
  • gear pump hot melt glue system (capacity 5/10/15 Kg);
  • pneumatic pump vinyl glue system;
  • Zero Cavity guns.

High stack lifts

Thanks to the high stack lifts table designed by us, you can carry out work individually either in 4 stations, or simultaneously for larger sizes. This also increases the performance of the quality of gluing and allows you to obtain an even higher reduction in machine downtime between loads.

Technical features:

  • size: 1350×1750 mm each 2700x1750mm if working simultaneously;
  • load hight: 75 cm;
    maximum weight: 250 kg each;
  • on board sensor for step-by-step automatic level reset;
  • managing cardboard with various thicknesses.


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Our plotters worldwide.

We are established throughout Europe with over 150 plotters. We are also proud of our recent installations in the US, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico.